Animal Care Services

All Animal Care Services available in the Tidworth and Ludgershall area.

Animal Care Visits

Animal care visits consist of cat feeding, small animal care, reptile, fish and bird (including chickens) care or if you would like me to let your dog out for a comfort break. I will spend time with your pet while you are away, handling them, cleaning them out, litter tray cleaning. I will do all the things you would do with your animals and first and fore most they will be treated as if they were my own. I can also open curtains, turn lights on and off, water plants and put your bins out for you at NO extra cost.

I offer one or two visits per day depending on your pets needs, each visit will be up to 30 minutes long.

Dog Walking

Dog walking plays a big part in your dogs life. This is how they learn about their surroundings and who’s who in their area. At Pooch and Pets I am happy to work with those dogs that find the outside world very scary and a bit intimidating, also I can help with training that is already in place such as lead walking, recall work, getting them used to traffic or even taking them to shops. My walks are tailor made to your dog and their needs, I will always put your dog first. Dog walks are either in a group of a maximum of 4 dogs or on a one to one basis.

30 minute dog walking, this service will only be for those dogs that are young, or elderly, or they may be on the heavier side, and/or recovering from an injury. I will collect your dog(s) from your home and walk them in your local area, this will help them to stretch their legs, find those exciting smells, go to the toilet or some training. 

1 hour dog walking, will be either one to one or group walk. I will come to your home and pick up your dog/s and then take them somewhere safe to walk, your 1 hour walk doesn’t start until we have reached our walking area. Then they will be returned to your home for a rest and ready for you to come home. Treats and water included for free

Pet Transport

Pet Transport service at Pooch and Pets is a service where if your pet needs to go to the vets, groomers, etc I will take them there. Each service will be tailored made so I will quote to what is needed, I will include things like distance travelled pick up / drop off timings, also waiting times

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