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Wild birds

So wild birds, in my house they are fed just as well as my other animals. they are fed a premium seed mix, suet balls, suet pellets and suet blocks. I also make sure that their bird baths are always clean and full of fresh water. I feed the birds all year round. In the spring and summer the birds are laying eggs and feeding their young so do need a higher energy food like suet because its takes a lot of energy to bring up the young, also when the fledglings leave the nest suet is easier for them to eat.

In the autumn and winter birds need the higher energy food to keep warm. I love feeding the wild birds and watching them. I have watched the baby birds grow and get  their adult feathers. In my garden I get a huge variety starlings, wood pigeons, collared doves, Gould finches, house sparrows, blue tits , coal tits and many more. In the spring I even had a daddy greater spotted woodpecker bring his 2 babies to my feeders, it was amazing. Their favourite food has to be suet but also sunflower hearts.

Wild birds can be very nervy animals so if you put food out give it time they will come eventually. Also use a food that is of good quality because a lot of wild bird food contains a lot of fillers like wheat and the birds will just throw it on the floor and then you will get plants growing in your garden, so you may think the birds are eating loads of food when actually most of it is going on the floor and growing in your garden.

2 main important things to remember when feeding the wild birds is 1: look what birds are around and get the right food accordingly and 2: please make sure you properly clean your feeders out with a bird safe disinfectant because salmonella  and E.coli are big killers of our very beautiful wild birds.

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